Is it time to



Most often, my customers who are downsizing find themselves in a perplexing dilemma.  While they don’t need as much space as they once did, they feel the need to keep enough space for visiting adult children and/or grandchildren.


What I find interesting is that to ‘downsize’ can take on a different meaning for each person.  To some, it is to reduce financial commitments only, while maintaining a familiar lifestyle.  To others, it could be to reduce the size of the home so the maintenance is more feasible to an aging individual. 


Maybe moving from a two-story home to a one-story home is the answer.  Some prefer to reduce lawn maintenance while keeping enough space between your home and your neighbor for privacy. 


No matter what your goal may be, I’m here to help you make it to your next home, whether it be a 55+ community, a golf course lifestyle, to be near the grandchildren, a beach house, or a second home. My experience can help you make the best choice.